Receivable Centric, Opportunity Driven.

At the heart of a commercial transaction exists the receivable. This payment obligation, derived from the receivable, is where we create the opportunity.

The opportunity for receivable purchases is nearly boundless given the multitude of businesses across the diversity of sectors globally. Virtually every business with accounts receivable presents a potential market, offering an expansive landscape for scalable growth and investment in this emerging asset class.

"By renegotiating credit terms, companies can enhance the availability of liquidity for other purposes."

J.P. Morgan

Strategies for Resiliency:
Working Capital Index Report 2023

The Power of
Receivable Purchase Agreements.

By implementing a Receivables Purchase Agreement that enables a Business to sell its Accounts Receivables for cash, tangible value is created for both the Business as the Seller and the Investor as the Buyer.

For a BUSINESS AS a Seller


Access Working Capital

It provides the Seller faster access to cash locked up in outstanding customer invoices and accounts receivable balances. This working capital can improve cash flow.


Bridge Cash Shortfalls

It helps bridge the gap between providing goods/services and getting paid by customers, which may take 180+ days. The Seller gets funded right away instead of waiting.


External Financing

It is an alternative financing option beyond traditional bank loans or lines of credit and does not add debt to the Seller's balance sheet.


Outsource Collections

It transfers the work and risk associated with collecting customer accounts receivable to the Buyer.

For an INVESTOR AS a Buyer


Diversification of Investments

Allows Buyers to diversify their investment portfolio by acquiring different types of receivables.


Profitable Returns

Offers an opportunity for profitable returns through the collection of future payments from receivables.


Risk Management

May reduce overall risk by spreading investments across a variety of receivables rather than concentrating on a single asset.


Steady Cash Flow

Provides a consistent stream of cash flow from the collection of purchased receivables.

Putting it all Together.

Designing a scalable and versatile receivable purchasing environment, enabled by commercial contracts and tailored to diverse Buyers and Sellers, involves careful planning and execution, supported by both our previous experience and frontier thinking.

Intero delivers this approach to achieve beneficial outcomes for Sellers and Buyers of Accounts Receivable transactions, based on their individual requirements.

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Borne from decades of experience in receivables.

Founded in 2021, Intero Capital Solutions is a US-based Accounts Receivables Transaction Specialists.

Our team has successfully developed, implemented, and managed cross-sector receivables funding programmes in multiple jurisdictions resulting in receivables turnover exceeding $2.5bn. Achieved through the bringing together of originators, sellers, buyers, investors/funders, insurers/re-insurers and third-party servicers, to create and execute high-quality receivables transactions.

Borne from decades of experience in receivables.

Founded in 2021, Intero Capital Solutions is a US-based Accounts Receivables Transaction Specialists.

We facilitate the creation and execution of receivables sale and purchase transactions between Sellers and Buyers in a rapidly expanding and largely unserved commercial marketplace.

We originate deal flow by identifying Sellers with liquidity locked in high-quality receivables then match this deal flow with Buyers seeking to purchase these assets to satisfy their own needs.

A Seller is usually a Business looking to realise cash benefit trapped in their Accounts Receivable. A Buyer is usually someone with an interest in purchasing the asset and could be an Investor or another Business.

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We Build Relationships

We strive to understand the needs, ambitions, and challenges of our partners fostering long term mutually beneficial relationships.

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Personal Touch

The context of creating a receivable can be different. It is within these differences that opportunity can be found and maximized.

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Holistic Approach

We work with both traditional and digital sources for receivables and funding opportunity.

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