Innovative Working Capital

We are a non-bank facilitator of Traditional Finance ("TradFi") and Decentralised Finance ("DeFi") working capital solutions for clients globally.

Our expertise has led to the execution of over USD 2 Billion in transactions.

We actively provide high-quality and dynamic funding services to create bespoke financial transactions to suit your requirements, thereby enhancing your ability to access, control and deploy additional capital across your business and into priority areas within your immediate supply chain.

Intero Capital Solutions

Working Capital for Businesses,
Real World Assets for DeFi


Intero Capital Solutions integrates additional liquidity into your business that satisfies your commercial working capital needs with minimal impact on your existing working capital lines.

By bringing Real World Assets into DeFi and DeFi liquidity into the Real World, Intero is positioned to increase the resilience of the DeFi ecosystem and improve access to working capital liquidity by bridging the gap between TradFi and DeFi.


Intero aims to become a leader in providing DeFi enabled working capital facilities, servicing multiple sectors and jurisdictions globally. We believe in building long term relationships with our clients and partners that benefit from collaboration and innovation.

Experience and Expertise


Our team brings broad experience in the commercial, information technology, and working capital sectors to implement solutions that deliver results for our clients.

We have successfully deployed and overseen facilities for both simple and complicated corporate structures in multiple jurisdictions ranging between USD 200,000 and USD 30,000,000 resulting in turnover in excess of USD 2 Billion.

Our agile back office environment provides the operational foundation for us to respond to an ever changing market, unlocking opportunity and providing a high level of service to our clients.

MA Strategic ManagemenT and Leadership (Defence)

Former senior British Army Officer and Combat Aviator with significant leadership, operational and technical experience gained over twenty years. More recently, with a decade of multi-national commercial experience as a C-Suite executive in Mining and Minerals, Construction and Financial Services. Tom brings a wealth of experience to Intero in the areas of business development, technical innovation, driving trading revenue and operational performance efficiency.


With over 15 years experience developing mission critical, high availability technology platforms used by governments, banking institutions, telecoms providers, healthcare providers and logistics companies, and over a decade of experience in working capital solutions and cryptocurrency, Darryl brings a wide range of skills and knowledge to develop and deploy the solutions offered by Intero.

Accounts Payable Solutions

The Accounts Payable Solution facilitates the funding of our clients' trade creditors, which is the outstanding money owed to vendors or suppliers. Our solution does not impose on existing supplier relationships or processes and can be deployed seamlessly into the supply chain.

Accounts Receivable Solutions

Accounts Receivable Solutions enable a business to access cashflow that it is currently waiting to receive from its customers in outstanding invoices. There are various methods for structuring this solution which include factoring, invoice discounting, and collateral based lending.

An Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable solution structured by Intero improves the working capital environment of our clients by giving them control and flexibility of the deployment of funds within their supply chain.

Other Solutions

Our funding and professional network also provides additional capabilities in longer-term project finance, debt funding, and equity investments which are complementary to the shorter-term Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable solutions described above.

We are also keenly focused on the development of the DeFi ecosystem - including collateral-backed DeFi Liquidity Pools; Blockchain Validator operations; NFT-Real World value creation and the evolution of the Carbon Credits economy, as well as wider DeFi consulting.

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