Innovative Funding

A non-bank facilitator of Traditional and Digital funding mechanisms for businesses globally.

Over USD 2 Billion in working capital and receivables transactions executed by our team, addressing the needs of our clients and enhancing their ability to access, control, and deploy additional capital within their businesses.

Intero Capital Solutions

About Us

Founded in 2021, Intero Capital Solutions LLC and Intero Trading LLC, collectively Intero, were formed with a mission to create a compelling portfolio of funding programmes that fully recognize the inherent commercial value locked in quality receivables and other real-world assets.

We develop solutions for our clients that address their individual needs and provide non-market correlated, risk-mitigated opportunities for funders, delivered to all parties through robust and secure back-office processes.

We deliver solutions that solve your business challenges while leveraging technology to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies

Our processes are designed to cut through the red tape often associated with financial services and are enabled by custom operating platforms to simplify and modernise our clients' experience of bringing funding into their company.

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TradFi, DeFi & CeFi Enabled

We work with both traditional and digital sources of funding to provide a diversified capital base that can be relied upon to address your needs.

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Personal Touch

Each business is different and it is within these differences that opportunity can be found and maximized to their full potential with a capital partner that understands that one size does not fit all.

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We Build Relationships

Having a long-term partner that understands your needs, ambitions, and challenges means less time spent on the what and how, and more time spent on the where and when.

Our Team

Our team has broad experience in the government, commercial, information technology, and working capital sectors, enabling it to implement funding solutions that consistently deliver bespoke results for our clients.

We have successfully deployed and overseen facilities for both simple and complicated corporate structures in multiple jurisdictions ranging between USD 200,000 and USD 30,000,000 resulting in turnover in excess of USD 2 Billion.

Our agile back-office environment provides the operational foundation for us to respond to an ever-changing market, unlocking opportunity and providing a high level of service to our clients.

Intero Capital Solutions - Team


Tom de la Rue

Tom de la Rue


Former senior British Army Officer and Combat Aviator with significant leadership, operational and technical experience gained over 20+ years in multi-national coalitions worldwide. More recently, with 10 years of global commercial experience as a C-Suite executive in Mining and Minerals, Construction and Financial Services.

Tom brings a wealth of expertise to Intero in the areas of business development (deal flow origination and funder partnerships), technical innovation, credit risk management, driving trading revenue and operational performance efficiency.

Darryl Steyn

Darryl Steyn


15+ years’ IT management experience developing mission critical, high availability technology platforms used by governments, banking institutions, telecoms providers, and logistics companies. Over a decade of expertise in blockchain ecosystems and working capital solutions at C-Suite level.

Darryl brings a wide range of skills and expertise in the areas of receivables origination, funder partnerships, credit insurance, traditional-digital currency bridging, operational process design and management, structured data, financial modelling, risk assessment, and leading teams.